I am a perverted sick twisted FAGGOT to be owned, used and abused. I am a lowly, ALPHA male worshipping, fucked up, twisted, slutty, whore fag. I am worthless and am willing to sink to the deepest lows to pleasure a man. It means I am a fucked up queer and want nothing more than for to be used for pleasure. I need a STRAIGHT, ALPHA, DOM man who enjoys using Fags for personal gain and has no regard for said Faggot. I find no pleasure or attraction to wimpy straight males or other faggots. I will forever seek out only ALPHA MALES because of their superiority, natural aggressiveness, demanding and cocky attitude and ability to be abusive both physically and mentally. Alarmingly, I have noticed that there are growing numbers of “STRAIGHT”, “ALPHA”, and/or “DOM” men that are behaving normal socially and even cordial with Queers. I adamantly remind “STRAIGHT”, “ALPHA” and/or “DOM” men that nice, normal, and respectful treatment is not what Faggots need, deserve, or want. These “lesser” men, clearly, do not have the genetic makeup associated with the need for being naturally violent, rough, and having an absolute belief of self-serving superiority. Faggots need someone who knows this through instinct. STRAIGHT ALPHA MALES, as opposed to the "lesser" straight men, know how to and find enjoyment in ensuring a Faggot’s life is miserable. I respect them above all others because they are secure enough in their masculinity to ignore many ridiculous rules and laws, and instead follow what is in their nature. I am a FAGGOT, you are STRAIGHT; act accordingly. I enjoy mental and emotional abuse. I need to be mined fucked, hypnotized and brainwashed. I have come to accept what I am and what it means. A true ALPHA MALE is able to view a faggot as simply an object of pleasure. A faggot will always be property owned by a straight man. I will always worship straight men and will always worship a straight ALPHA. It is in the nature of a faggot.


fucking crazy! this video is of me.    I randomly came across it  on tumblr while perving out. my video someone else fucking p..how fucking motherfucking sick fucking posted without me knowing!! yes I love it. expose me. had no idea….had no choice!


Sexy young guys slams and gets a WILD WILD reaction

(All the videos are pure fantasies. Don’t assume anything)

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I lust after white trash guys like this. Not pretty, not smart, no morality, and all strung out on meth and pills, most likely. But willing to do anything for twenty bucks.


I lust after white trash guys like this. Not pretty, not smart, no morality, and all strung out on meth and pills, most likely. But willing to do anything for twenty bucks.

When I read that T.J. Lane had escaped from prison…


I was so happy and wished I could see him hitchhiking on the side of the road. Yeah, I’d pick him up and hide him from the law, if he let me suck his killer dick every day.

But they caught him and he’s back in jail. So no felony cum for me!



Gloryhole action - 006

Love to fuck my demon cum into an anonymous hole at a glory hole.  Can always feel HIS presence as my cock pulses seed in HIS name.  HAIL SATAN!


According to the WHO report, men who have sex with men are 19 times more likely
to have HIV than the general population                                                          http://www.bbc.com/news/health-28264436#


Dirty faggots spread AIDS. Niggers come next. What’s new? 

12 year old brother


12 year old brother


sir i need your advice. my friend has a really cute 12 year old little brother and i really wanna fuck him/have him suck my dick and stuff. what should i do?


I assume you meant to write 18-year old little brother. First you need to determine if he is a faggot. If he isn’t leave him the fuck alone! If he is a little queerbait then befriend him and get him to trust you as a ‘buddy’. Get him…

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masternick97 asked
Worship you faggot.

you worship me?

wilsondave9 asked
Dude you posts get me so fucking hot. TJ Lane is a hero! I also love Jeremy Strohmeyer, 17 year old guy who fucking BASHED an eight year's head in after luring her into a restroom and fucking the shit out of her. I wanna talk to you. KILL FAGGOTS!

fuck yes dude! Skype: idglide