Straight Men Beat Faggots


I am a perverted sick twisted FAGGOT to be owned, used and abused. I am a lowly, ALPHA male worshipping, fucked up, twisted, slutty, whore fag. I am worthless and am willing to sink to the deepest lows to pleasure a man. It means I am a fucked up queer and want nothing more than for to be used for pleasure. I need a STRAIGHT, ALPHA, DOM man who enjoys using Fags for personal gain and has no regard for said Faggot. I find no pleasure or attraction to wimpy straight males or other faggots. I will forever seek out only ALPHA MALES because of their superiority, natural aggressiveness, demanding and cocky attitude and ability to be abusive both physically and mentally. Alarmingly, I have noticed that there are growing numbers of “STRAIGHT”, “ALPHA”, and/or “DOM” men that are behaving normal socially and even cordial with Queers. I adamantly remind “STRAIGHT”, “ALPHA” and/or “DOM” men that nice, normal, and respectful treatment is not what Faggots need, deserve, or want. These “lesser” men, clearly, do not have the genetic makeup associated with the need for being naturally violent, rough, and having an absolute belief of self-serving superiority. Faggots need someone who knows this through instinct. STRAIGHT ALPHA MALES, as opposed to the "lesser" straight men, know how to and find enjoyment in ensuring a Faggot’s life is miserable. I respect them above all others because they are secure enough in their masculinity to ignore many ridiculous rules and laws, and instead follow what is in their nature. I am a FAGGOT, you are STRAIGHT; act accordingly. I enjoy mental and emotional abuse. I need to be mined fucked, hypnotized and brainwashed. I have come to accept what I am and what it means. A true ALPHA MALE is able to view a faggot as simply an object of pleasure. A faggot will always be property owned by a straight man. I will always worship straight men and will always worship a straight ALPHA. It is in the nature of a faggot.



MUST WATCH for all fags. The film takes place in Cuba and is in Spanish without subtitles, but the content speaks for itself. A fag at an elite Cuban boarding school is humiliated and abused by the Alpha Straight Men in its class. The opening scene has the main Alpha and his cronies waking up the fag - who is of course in hysterics and doesn’t know how to stand up for itself - and asking it why it’s freaking out. The main Alpha aks: “What’s wrong with you? Huh? What is it that you want? You want a turn with me?” before taking the fag to the bathroom, forcing it to its knees and commanding it to open its mouth to sing. The Alpha then exposes his cock and tells the fag: “Come on, take the microphone and sing” before pissing in the fag’s mouth. What a treat for the fag! Unfortunately there’s some other fag that doesn’t understand these are just real Men having fun with an inferior, and this other fag ruins the fun towards the end, but before that there’s a ton of great footage of Straight Men being Straight Men and exercising their right to have a little fun at a pathetic fag’s expense. Like i say: so be it if for a real Man’s pleasure a fag must feel humiliation or pain. 

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    Intense and disturbing film about bullying….pass it on.
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